Clinical trials tracking system

Client and challenge

«Johnson & Johnson» company asked for a series of applications for managing the results of clinical trials. The applications aimed to add, modify and track the trials data and metadata, and the interface for working with the database.

Technologies and solutions

In the course of many years of work with the company, several applications were implemented, each of which covered a range of tasks from individual aspects of data management. I built front-end for the applications, but also worked as a full-stack developer and independently released two major releases. Implemented different components, worked on architecture issues, performance-related issues, virtualized table-data, developed the database, performed data-migration, and communicated with the team of the customer.


The applications were implemented and deployed. Now, the users of the systems can process clinical trials data on their own, without the help of IT specialists. The modern interface and simplicity of the applications allow you to spend minimal resources on staff training. Automated email updates for priority research data allow you to optimize the use of working time.


The screenshots are not available due to the security policy of the given project.