Semantic cores and SE advertising in Google and Yandex

Client and challenge

For many of my own and external projects, it was required to create semantic cores and advertisements for Yandex Direct, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads Manager, and to analyze niches. The creation of a semantic core includes parsing queries (keywords), clustering, parsing highlights, searching for thematic words, compiling a list of negative keywords and competitors. It was required to create technical requirements for copywriters, edit existing texts (rewriting, copywriting) and analyze competitors, identifying their advantages and disadvantages. For projects, it was necessary to create clickable, "juicy" ad titles, perform A/B testing of ads, search for landing pages with the highest conversion, and automate the generation of site pages for traffic arbitrage. Legal projects required parsing of other sites, the creation of tools for automatic rewriting of articles and automatic publication of articles on sites.

Technologies and solutions

To collect keywords, Yandex Wordstat was used, clustering and collection of highlights were performed using online tools with subsequent manual processing. Advertisements were created taking into account the ads of competitors, web applications were created to automate the creation of ads and their placement in Yandex Direct and Google AdWords. Post-analysis of site traffic and optimization of ads, updating the list of negative keywords, clarifying queries (keywords), reducing display regions, clustering ads by region, writing separate ads and creating separate campaigns for more profitable regions was carried out. The created technical requirements for copywriters made it possible to obtain texts with the necessary metrics, which make it easy to get a higher rank in search engines. For some projects, it was additionally required to link the work of external CRM with the site, for which special plugins and integrations were implemented.


The correct structure of the sites and well-developed semantic cores allowed to attract organic traffic in the first weeks after the launch of the sites. Due to the high quality of advertisements and a set of automation tools, many project advertisements took first places in the advertising results, which allowed to attract a lot of traffic to the sites. Most sites within three to four weeks reached the top 7 of the first page of Yandex organic search results, about half of them reached the top 2 after another two or three months. Personal record — getting to the top 3 Yandex organics in a week, to the top 1 in two. The attracted organic traffic allowed to reduce the cost per click in advertisements, and on some projects, after analyzing the profitability, completely disable advertising and switch exclusively to earnings from organic traffic. Accurate calculation of the cost per click in advertisements allowed projects to exist for a long time solely due to paid traffic.